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will the price be low enough for the general public?

Will the Apple Reality still get a lower price than we thought so far? The senior vice president of Apple says in an interview that the Apple Reality probably won’t be that expensive after all.

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Apple presents Apple Reality at WWDC

In a few weeks, Apple will announce the Apple Reality at WWDC. Apple’s first VR glasses are probably very advanced, which will probably give the Apple Reality a hefty price tag. Earlier rumors therefore already predicted that the Apple Reality was not intended for the general public.

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According to these rumors, the Apple Reality is mainly intended for companies to use for streaming video content and for communication, such as video calling. In a new interview with Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, these suspicions now seem to be contradicted. Will the Apple Reality get a lower price than we expected so far?

Apple makes things consumers care about

Eddy Cue makes some interesting statements in an interview. He emphasizes in the conversation that Apple only makes things that consumers actually care about. If users are not interested in a device, Apple will not market the product. That is a striking statement, because until now the purchase price of the Apple Realty was estimated to be around $ 3,000.

It is not expected that consumers are waiting for glasses that cost so much money. Therefore, it is possible that Apple still chooses to sell the Apple Reality at a lower price. Previously, there was still talk of a purchase price of 1500 euros, which would then be approximately equal to the production costs of the glasses. For example, Apple would appeal to a much larger audience with the glasses.

apple reality one

Want to know more about Apple Reality?

It is therefore quite possible (and hoped) that Apple will not market the Apple Reality for $ 3000 after all. Since the production costs are estimated at $ 1500, it is expected that the glasses will cost between $ 1500 and $ 3000. So we don’t know what the exact price will be yet. But don’t worry, you only have to wait a few weeks for the official announcement of the VR glasses. It will be on June 5 during Apple’s WWDC 2023.

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Do you want to know more about the Apple Reality? Earlier, a large leak revealed almost all the secrets about the VR glasses and it became clear that Apple probably requires AirPods to be worn when using the glasses. The company is now also reportedly working on cheaper VR glasses: Apple Reality One. Here you can read everything about the cheaper version of Apple Reality.

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