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will the headphones come in new colors?

The AirPods Max are experiencing delivery issues. Is Apple working on an update? Or maybe new AirPods Max colors are coming?

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Liver Problems AirPods Max

The AirPods Max have to deal with a longer delivery time than usual. If you order the headphones now, you won’t have them until February 8-15. In addition, the headphones are out of stock in many major cities. This issue affects all AirPods Max colors.

Apple has not disclosed a clear reason for the liver problems. The longer delivery time may indicate that Apple is working on an update for the AirPods Max. What can we expect from the update?

AirPods Max in new colors?

The longer delivery time may indicate that Apple will provide the headphones with an update. The AirPods Max were released in 2020 and Apple is reportedly working on a successor. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not expect this successor to be on the market until 2024, so the AirPods Max second generation will not appear for the time being. That is why there are now rumors about possible new colors of the AirPods Max.

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The headphones are now available in five different colors: space gray, pink, green, silver and sky blue. Apple may add a number of colors to this in the coming weeks.

This is when we expect the update

It wouldn’t be the first time an Apple product has had delivery problems due to a minor update. Earlier, Apple did the same with the straps of the Apple Watch and with the HomePod mini. Here, too, new colors were introduced after a while, after a short period of longer delivery time.

It is not yet clear which colors the AirPods Max will get. What is clear is that the new colors will appear in the coming weeks, so that Apple can bring the delivery time back to normal. The really big update of the AirPods Max will not appear until 2024.

AirPods Max 2

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