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Will the first week for Bitcoin in 2022 start that well again?

Past performance is no guarantee for the future. So don’t assume that Bitcoin will immediately kick in at the start of 2022.

Bitcoin has aged another year. That’s nice, because the older a financial instrument is. The better you can look at data from the past and determine a strategy based on it. The well-known phrase ‘Results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future’ does apply. Because indeed. What Bitcoin has done in the past does not have to happen again in the same period a year later.

In recent years, the price of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world has risen sharply if you look at the first week of the new year. Right now we are in the midst of that new week of the new year. An increase in Bitcoin is not yet visible on this January 2, 2022. Since the turn of the year, the price has hovered between $47,000 and $48,000.

But it’s still weekend. Who knows what the next week will bring. Economist Alex Kruger has shared on Twitter what Bitcoin has been up to in recent years when it comes to the first week in the new year. That’s where the next row comes in.

So small increases. Whether we can expect the same this week for Bitcoin’s 2022 opening? We will see. Or not.

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