Will Telegram be pulled from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store?

An American organization committed to a safer internet wants Apple to remove chat app Telegram from the App Store. It is not inconceivable that the next goal of the organization will be to get Google to take the same step.

Will Telegram disappear from download stores?

The American organization Coalition for a Safer Web has filed suit against Apple. The company would not take sufficient action against Telegram. According to the organization, Telegram is widely used by criminals and the company would do little or nothing about hate speech, extremism and incitement to violence. For that reason, Telegram would be guilty of violating the rules Apple has set for apps in the App Store.

Coalition for a Safer Web has since filed a lawsuit against Apple. It is expected that the organization will also turn to Google. The American organization may then try to ensure that Telegram is also removed from the Google Play Store. It is not known whether it will indeed come to that.


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