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will soon be playing local audio via Spotify’s Android app

Do you have a library full of audio files from your favorite artists? It looks like you will soon be able to play it via Spotify. Finally! For example, the streaming service fills the gap that Google Music leaves behind.

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Soon on your smartphone: play local audio files with Spotify?

Almost everyone uses a music streaming service from time to time, but sometimes you just miss a few favorite songs. Local files on your phone can fill this void, but by far the most popular streaming service, Spotify, doesn’t make it possible yet.

At least, it now seems that Spotify for Android is now finally enabling the addition of local music to your Spotify playlists. Twitterer Jane Manchun Wong discovered that the music service is developing a new feature for the Android app. With this, users can finally import local audio files via their device itself.

Now it is only possible to sync personal audio files to your device through the Spotify desktop app. However, this option is only available for Premium accounts. In addition, the function is still somewhat unreliable and the synchronization does not always run smoothly.

Play audio files Spotify

Google Play Music stops

The ability to add local files to your Spotify account is justified. After Google Play Music shutdown, some users are still looking for alternatives. While YouTube Music is an adequate replacement, this service lacks quite a few features. For example, with YouTube Music it is not possible to listen to podcasts and Spotify offers a much larger collection of playlists.

Google does encourage old users of Play Music to make the switch to the music app. That is certainly not surprising, since YouTube Music is now the only music service of the company. Listeners can switch to YouTube Music effortlessly. If you don’t see a ‘forced’ switch, then Spotify is definitely worth considering.

Especially now that the ability to play local files is getting closer and closer. It is still unknown when we will see the new function. In our opinion, however, this would rather happen today than tomorrow.

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