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Will astro mode be the new camera feature? ApkRig

Update (December 24, 2020, 11:27 a.m.): Xiaomi is now sending you Christmas greetings and giving you a foretaste of the new camera feature. You also seem to benefit from the innovation in videos, since the clip was apparently recorded in total darkness. Xiaomi has published the greetings on the Chinese network Weibo, we are showing you a re-upload on Twitter.

Original article:

The presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 11 on December 28th is not far, in advance the Chinese company is gradually revealing features of the upcoming flagship. In the latest post the focus is on the camera, here new AI algorithms should enable impressive images.

It may be dark and cold outside, but Christmas is a time when people love to look at the stars. Only if you’ve ever wanted to capture this sight with your smartphone have you probably noticed that the pictures are not nearly as pretty as the reality. Xiaomi would like to improve this with a new form of computational photography.

Xiaomi lights up the night sky

The company shared an image on Weibo of a person taking photos of the night sky with their smartphone. This scenario is extremely difficult for smartphones because there is little light. Professionals use tripods and long exposure times, which are not ideal conditions for taking a quick photo with a mobile phone. This is where artificial intelligence and the computing power of the chipset help in the mobile phone.

“Computational Photography” means that the smartphone does not simply take a photo, but calculates it. To do this, the camera takes several pictures with different settings in order to create a coherent overall photo. In the best case, you will not notice anything at all have a perfect photo when you press the shutter release This technology is also behind camera functions such as HDR or Apple’s Deep Fusion.

High expectations for the Wed 11

The night mode is generally considered to be the supreme discipline of smartphone photography, as software and hardware reach their limits here. Xiaomi has to make up some ground in this area, as the night shots often look a bit better with the competition. For photos of the starry sky, the Mi 11 has to be able to compete with the Google Pixel 5, which Google has given a very strong astro mode.

You have to wait until December 28th at 12:30 p.m. German time for exact details on the next Xiaomi flagship. Then the company starts its big unveiling event and shows the highlights of the new camera.

Note d. Red .: Our lead picture shows a photo of Austin Mann professional photographer, recorded with an iPhone 12 Pro.

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