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Why VPN services are being taken down

Authorities are working together at an international level to take shady VPN services down. This is why.

Using a VPN is very wise. In some countries even necessary. Think of China, where you cannot access Google’s services. Not a problem for the Chinese, but we Europeans are very attached to YouTube or Gmail. And then a VPN can offer a solution.

But a VPN can be used for so much more than just watching the American Netflix in the Netherlands or to use YouTube in countries without free internet. Criminals also make good use of VPN services to remain anonymous on the web. And that’s why the FBI and Interpol are teaming up to tackle shady VPN services.

For example, the investigation services have taken down the Safe-Inet platform, also known as Insorg. This VPN service was apparently specially developed for criminals. For example, the service was advertised on forums where mainly criminals gather.

But Safe-Inet is of course not the only VPN used for and by criminals. That’s why the FBI, Interpol and local law enforcement agencies are always busy searching and dismantling criminal VPN services. Which is of course a good thing. (via Torrentfreak)

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