Why I wouldn’t buy a watch for the time being

There are exciting times ahead for the smartwatch market. Google, Samsung and Fitbit have jointly presented a new operating system to replace Wear OS. There are therefore good reasons why you should wait to buy a new Android smartwatch. A comment by Peter Hryciuk.

Android Smartwatches: Better to wait before buying

If you are currently interested in buying a watch with Wear OS, you should be patient. The operating system from Google based on Android was merged with Tizen from Samsung. It will replace Wear OS and will be used on smartwatches under the name Wear. Samsung has already announced that old one Watches do not benefit from an upgrade become. Instead, Samsung will keep the Galaxy Watch generations up to date and distribute some updates for three years after the market launch. Something similar could also threaten Android smartwatches, which are currently being sold.

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The reason for this could be in the hardware that is built into the Wear OS watches. Very few smartwatches rely on Qualcomm’s most powerful Wear 4100 platform. Instead, they use older processors. For smartwatches with a Wear 4100 processor, I could still imagine an upgrade coming, for older models I currently doubt it. To Google doesn’t provide clarity, I would therefore wait a few months to see how the situation develops. With Samsung, a powerful new player comes into play that uses Wear as the operating system. The new watches should be faster, fancier and more durable. So you should wait for the few months until the introduction of the new generation.

in the Video you will find out which points you should pay attention to before buying:

It’s time for smartwatch bargains

On the other hand, those who are satisfied with the range of functions of current models and have no interest at all in the new generation of smartwatches will of course be able to make real bargains in the coming weeks and months. The current models are not getting any worse as a result, you just can’t expect them to be supported forever and to receive a lot of updates. At the latest when the new generation is presented, prices are likely to tumble.

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