Who are the smartphone manufacturers to follow in 2021?

While 2020 has been a special year for the global mobile telephony market, 2021 seems to have started off with a bang. MeilleurMobile tells you which smartphone manufacturers to follow for this new year.

The previous year was especially marked by the global Covid-19 pandemic. The telephony market was one of the collateral damage with the abolition of international trade fairs such as the MWC or the IFA. Manufacturers have suffered a certain delay in their production but also in the delivery of smartphones. The entire telephone economy has fallen. In 2020, some brands slashed the screen while others retreated. MeilleurMobile gives you a list of smartphone manufacturers to follow very closely in the months to come.

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Smartphone manufacturers expected: Xiaomi and Oppo must take control in Europe

Two mobile phone companies made their hole in this year 2020. Xiaomi and Oppo are two Chinese brands that have succeeded in seducing the public as well as the critics thanks to very high quality devices.

Xiaomi and Oppo

Xiaomi is starting to make a place for itself with different devices, whether it is the high-end or more modest products. The Chinese manufacturer closed the previous fiscal year with the Mi 11, a high-end mobile powered by the Snapdragon 888. In the same vein, the Redmi Note 9T was unveiled this Friday, January 8, illustrating its excellent quality / price ratio. These two products represent the two sides of the constructors which have enabled it to reach the top 3 in sales, particularly in France. So it makes sense to expect big things for Xiaomi and to assert itself as a real rival to Samsung on Android as a replacement for Huawei.

In comparison, Oppo is still a bit young in the global telephony market but has proven its ferocity. Armed with its Oppo Find X2 Pro, the manufacturer has made a breakthrough succeeding in seducing the public and specialized critics with a prestigious product. In addition to its Find X2 range, the Chinese brand also unveiled the Reno4, products a little more different than its high-end products. The brand is also trying to take off in connected objects, whether smartwatches but also wireless headphones: the Enco X.

As usual they will dominate the market: Apple and Samsung are about to turn

Apple vs Samsung iPhone lawsuit

For many years, these two market giants have sought to dominate the competition. With the global pandemic that took place the previous year, manufacturers were able to sharpen their plans for 2021. Great upheavals are planned, in particular for Samsung with a planned disappearance of the Galaxy Note range in the years to come. For its part, Apple must confirm after a long-awaited success on the iPhone 12 range.

The start of 2021 promises to be eventful for the South Korean-based company. On January 14, a Galaxy Unpacked conference is scheduled to unveil the Galaxy S21 range. According to various rumors advanced in recent weeks, the smartphones presented would initiate a change at the manufacturer with an announced end of the Galaxy Note. In the box of smartphones, chargers should disappear, like what Apple has proposed on its iPhone 12.

For its part, the Cupertino-based company will have to confirm that it has found the right recipe. According to several analyzes, the iPhone 12 and their Pro versions seem to be real successes in terms of pre-orders and sales. The brand could even beat its sales record. The only problem lies in the last of the rope: the iPhone 12 mini which would not be successful. For his iPhone 13, several noises from the halls are already being heard, starting with the return of Touch ID.

It will not be like before: OnePlus and Huawei will have to convince

These two brands have suffered greatly from the consequences of 2020 for various reasons. You are aware that Huawei is very largely handicapped by the American sanctions. The latter have taken a new turn of the screw since its historical founder can no longer provide it with Kirin chips. For its part, OnePlus has completely revised its way of working and presents new devices that are less expensive but a little less efficient.


Huawei had to face some tough choices. In the last weeks of 2020, she sold her subsidiary Honor to another company. The latter has been very successful in Europe, especially among the youngest. The parent company is heavily weighed down lately by the disappearance of its Kirin chips. Specialists raise the possibility that Huawei will remove its range of smartphones but the path does not seem to be taken. The horizon is still bleak for the manufacturer who, after being world number one in sales in 2020, is promised the disappearance of the top 6 during this year.


For OnePlus, the story is slightly different. The manufacturer has opted for a radical shift on its smartphones. Excluding the exclusivity of products with high-end services, the firm also offers devices with excellent quality / price ratio. The OnePlus North were unveiled with the risk of losing its customers. Fans of new technology might be confused. The departures of historical figures like Carl Pei or Akis Evangelidis suggests that the BKK Electronics consortium prefers to concentrate its efforts on Oppo. The year 2021 seems more and more like a quits or a double.

They make their entry into France: realme and vivo seduce but must prove

2020 was also the occasion of very good surprises which made their debut in the West. After having tested the waters in China, realme and vivo have chosen to deploy in Europe. If the shadow of the BKK Electronics group hangs over two smartphone manufacturers, the latter defend themselves from any influence. They highlight their independence in their future roadmap.

Realme X50 5G

Realme is the first of the two companies to arrive on French soil. The Chinese manufacturer has unveiled several models like the Realme 6 to aim for an excellent quality / price ratio. With its realme X50 5G, it offered one of the most affordable 5G phones on the market today without making any concessions on the spec sheet. For 2021, the brand will be able to express itself fully by offering its product catalog more widely. Whether it’s cheap phones, or potential commercial successes, everything will be scrutinized to the smallest detail.

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With vivo, the situation is slightly different since its arrival in France and Europe was quite late. However, the first models like the vivo X51 5G are full of promise with very good performance. For its part, the Y range is aimed at customers looking for quality / price ratio. You will have understood it, in 2021 you will hear about vivo on all the tech sites. It remains to be seen how the firm will be able to surprise us.

They will not deviate from their philosophy: Nokia, Google and Sony in their place

Despite this special year 2020, some brands have not deviated from their philosophy. Smartphone manufacturers like Google and Nokia have lifted the veil on smartphones of their own, by adding a 5G component for their more prestigious models. This year again, these companies should not change their policy, but you are still not immune to surprises.

Nokia 5.4

Nokia’s glorious past no longer seems to weigh on HMD Global’s shoulders. During 2020, the Finland-based company partnered with the James Bond film “No Time to Die” for its Nokia 8.3 5G. Bad luck, the global pandemic has passed through there and communication around this event of international scope has taken a toll. Despite this, the brand has remained true to its values ​​by also offering inexpensive devices but with impeccable software monitoring. 2021 should continue on this path for HMD Global.

A few years ago, Google took the gamble of bringing variety to its smartphones. Despite beautiful elements on paper, criticism was felt in particular due to lower performance in drums. The Redmond firm has returned to its first love with the Pixel 4A and the Pixel 5. In 2021, the American manufacturer should continue in this direction with smartphones still as efficient as the Android operating system.

sony mobile news 2012 - Who are the smartphone manufacturers to follow in 2021?

Even the Japanese brand Sony has made a name for itself in the market. Despite a rather failing telephony sector compared to other sectors of the brand, Sony phones have found their audience. The refresh of the Sony Xperia 1 II and Xperia 10 II has done the greatest good to an actor who was believed to be outdated. In 2021, the manufacturer could confirm the trend by offering new devices that appeal to critics and the public.

Honor can surprise with a shattering return

The last brand at the heart of this selection is Honor. The manufacturer has long been a collateral victim of the conflict between Huawei and the United States. In the last days of 2020, the subsidiary was sold by its parent company. The goal of Honor’s leaders is clear: to regain its former glory. Several rumors evoke a partnership with the American founder Qualcomm to equip its next smartphones. The ambition is in order since the firm is targeting 100 million products sold this year.

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As you will have understood, this year again the news around smartphone manufacturers promises to be abundant. To not miss a thing, go to MeilleurMobile and feel free to use the comments!

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