which one should you (not) buy?

“Which iPhone should I buy?” That question gets the editors of iPhoned regularly made. That is why we list our top five.

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The best iPhone of 2021

The new iPhones are now available and we have extensively tested all models. It is therefore a good time to take stock. Is it wise to buy the latest (and therefore most expensive) iPhone, or are the differences so small that you might as well go for a slightly older (but cheaper) model?

The best iPhones of 2021:

iPhone 13 Pro Max

When you get the question “what is the best iPhone?” very literally, you can’t help but end up with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This device is objectively the best phone Apple has ever made.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max stands out mainly thanks to the subtly improved cameras. For example, the primary sensor is larger, the ultra-wide-angle lens lets in more light and the telephoto lens can zoom in optically three times instead of two and a half times (as with the iPhone 12 Pro Max).

You can also film in ProRes later this year, which improves the quality, and the device has a Macro mode. It turns on automatically when you get very close to an object, capturing all the details. This makes the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) not only the best iPhone in general, but you will not find a better Apple phone in terms of camera either.

In addition, the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max now refreshes 120 times per second instead of 60 times on the iPhone 13 (mini), making images look much smoother. Finally, the battery life has also improved considerably.

Do you want to know more? Then read our review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. A separate iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at 1259 euros. If you get an iPhone 13 Pro Max with a subscription, you pay the purchase amount in monthly instalments.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro

Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max just a bit too big for you? Then the iPhone 13 Pro is an interesting choice. This device is almost identical to the 13 Pro Max, but more compact. Thanks to the 6.1 inch screen (instead of 6.7 inches), it is a lot less bulky and easier to operate.

As mentioned, there are few differences between the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. They have the same design, both have a ProMotion screen (with 120Hz refresh rate), identical cameras and are just as powerful thanks to the same hardware.

In addition to the size, there is also a difference in battery life. According to Apple, this device can play videos continuously for up to 22 hours, while its bigger brother has to last 28 hours. One positive difference is that the 13 Pro is cheaper than its bigger brother.

Read our extensive iPhone 13 Pro review for all the ins & outs about this device. For at least 1159 euros you can get a separate iPhone 13 Pro. An iPhone 13 Pro with subscription is available at all known outlets.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone SE (2020)

Are you looking for the iPhone with the best price-quality ratio? Then you can’t get around the iPhone SE, which was renewed at the beginning of 2020. The device starts at around 449 euros and is by far the cheapest iPhone at the moment.

Of course you notice the price difference. For example, the iPhone SE does not have an OLED screen, but a lower quality LCD screen. In addition, the screen edges are huge, making the phone look rather outdated. 5G internet is also not present and on the back you will only find one camera lens.

iPhone SE 2020 review: the entry-level iPhone you've been waiting for

That said, the iPhone SE is a very complete smartphone. It is powerful enough for everyday tasks, will last for years thanks to the good software support and – not unimportantly – it is also very compact. With a screen size of 4.7 inches, it fits easily in your pocket and operation with one hand is no problem.

In our iPhone SE review we inform you about all the pros and cons of this device. You can purchase the device separately or with a subscription.

Apple iPhone SE

iPhone 13

Objectively speaking, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best iPhone of the moment. However, that does not mean that it also best meets your needs. If you value a good price-quality ratio, it is better to go for the ‘regular’ iPhone 13.

With its suggested retail price of 909 euros, this device is a lot more affordable. As a result, you do have to sacrifice a few things compared to the 13 Pro. For example, the device has ‘only’ two cameras on the back and the screen does not refresh with 120 times per second, but ‘only’ with 60 times.

iPhone 13 (mini) review: subtle improvements with still one annoyance

However, if you attach little value to this and do not necessarily have to have the best of the best, there is little to argue with the iPhone 13. In fact, this device is probably the better choice for many people, because they do not have all capabilities and features of the 13 Pro.

We have extensively tested the device and you can read our findings in the iPhone 13 review. A separate iPhone 13 has a suggested retail price of 909 euros and of course the iPhone 13 is also available with a subscription.

Apple iPhone 13

iPhone 13 mini

Do you want a small iPhone, but the iPhone SE just isn’t it? Then you quickly end up with the iPhone 13 mini. As the name suggests, this is an iPhone 13, but smaller. Thanks to the much thinner screen edges, the device is even more compact than the iPhone SE. So it definitely fits in your pocket.

Apple iPhone 13

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 mini is identical to the iPhone 13. It has a beautiful OLED screen, is very powerful thanks to the impressive hardware and you can get started with 5G. The 13 mini also has an advantage compared to the iPhone SE in terms of photography, thanks to the dual camera on the back.

The main difference between the 13 mini and iPhone 13 is the size. The former has a 5.4 inch screen, the latter measures 6.1 inches. As a result, the 13 mini also has a smaller battery. According to Apple, it can play videos for up to 17 hours in a row. The iPhone 13 lasts two hours longer.

A separate iPhone 13 mini starts from 809 euros. Of course you can also purchase the iPhone 13 mini with a subscription. Before you make a purchase, read our iPhone 13 mini review first, because that way you are well informed.

Apple iPhone 13 mini

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