Which chat applications collect the most user data about you?

Apple recently launched a very useful privacy feature in its store. For each application, simple and clear information regarding the processing of user data has been added to the store. So everyone can look at what each application collects for data. We looked at the chat applications where most people reveal the most information about themselves. For development teams, this is one of the best ways to collect data. So which chat applications collect the most user data about you?

Collection of user data across chat applications

Signal a Telegram

Absolutely the best of those popular chat applications A signal that does not collect any user datawhich could then be used to connect to your identity. The application only requires the phone number, which is needed for the operation itself. The telegram is also excellent compared to other chat applications. Due to the functionality of the application, it collects three different types of datawhich can then be linked to your identity.



Discord has been gaining in popularity in recent years, especially among game players. As for the very privacy of users and the collection of user data, it is not at all bad if we do not compare it with Signal or Telegram. It collects a total of 17 types of data that it can associate with your identity. It uses them for marketing, analytics and application functionality.

Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends


At the beginning of 2020, the WhatsApp application began sharing data with the parent Facebook, which provoked great criticism. In total, it collects 22 different types of data that are associated with you. This is data that is used for advertising, analytics, product personalization, application functionality, and other purposes.

WhatsApp Messenger


The WeChat application is popular mainly in Asian countries, however, many users can also be found in Europe. WeChat collects 17 different types of datathat can be linked to your identity. They can be used for third-party advertising, analytics and application functionality. Unlike other chat applications, it is specific in that uses data to track across applications and websites. Specifically, the device ID.

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