Which Apple Watch do I have? This is how you check it in 4 steps

Whether you want to celebrate the birthday of your watch, or simply want to check how old your Apple Watch is: in this article we explain how to do this.

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Which Apple Watch do I have? That’s how you check it

It is not surprising that the question “Which Apple Watch do I have” has popped through your mind. After all, Apple’s bells are quite similar. Follow the steps below to check which Watch you have.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone;
  2. In the ‘My Watch’ tab, go to ‘General’ and choose ‘Info’;
  3. Tap ‘Model’ and write down the number. It consists of five characters and starts with the letter A;
  4. Look up your model in the table below.
The Apple Watch SE from 2020.

The table below shows the model numbers of all Apple Watches that have been released so far. Simply look up your model number to check which version you have.

Fashion model Model number Launch date Colors
Apple Watch Series 6 A2291 (40mm case)
A2292 (44mm case)
2020 Space gray, gold, silver, red, blue
Apple Watch SE A2351 (40mm case)
A2352 (44mm case)
2020 Space gray, gold, silver
Apple Watch Series 5 A2092 (40mm case)
A2093 (44mm case)
2019 Space gray, gold, silver
Apple Watch Series 4 A1977 (40mm case)
A1978 (44mm case)
2018 Space gray, gold, silver
Apple Watch Series 3 A1858 (38mm case)
A1859 (42mm case)
2017 Space gray, gold, silver
Apple Watch Series 2 A1757 (38mm case)
A1758 (42mm case)
2016 Space gray, gold, rose gold, silver
Apple Watch Series 1 A1802 (38mm case)
A1803 (42mm case)
2016 Space gray, gold, rose gold, silver
Apple Watch (1st generation) A1553 (38mm case)
A1554 (42mm case)
2015 Space black stainless steel or stainless steel

The case size of your Apple Watch is engraved on the back of your watch. Can’t find your model number in the list above? Then you probably have an Apple Watch variant that is not officially sold in the Netherlands. For example, you cannot buy an Apple watch with mobile internet here.

The Netherlands also fishes next to the net when it comes to special versions of the Apple Watch, such as the variants made of stainless steel. It is not clear whether this will change in the future.

Choose new Apple Watch

Apple Watches are quite similar in design. However, this is certainly not the case under the hood. For example, in recent years, Apple has increasingly focused on health functions. The Series 6, for example, has a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen level in your blood, while the heart film maker made its debut on the Series 4.

When you are in the market for a new Apple watch, it is therefore still quite difficult to find a new one. The editors of iPhoned test every Apple Watch thoroughly and in the decision guide below we will help you make the best choice.

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