Where has the Apple Watch Series 6 gone?

With the arrival of the Watch Series 7, Apple has done something with the 6.

Has Hans Klok been busy in the online Apple Store? The Watch Series 6 is suddenly a thing of the past. The American tech giant Apple has chosen to no longer offer the Watch Series 6 new now that the Series 7 is on the market.

It’s not impossible to get another Series 6. For example, through physical stores or web shops that deliver the smartwatch from stock. So one case is over. But also think of a refurbished or used copy on Marktplaats. There are more roads that lead to Rome. Buying an Apple Watch Series 6 directly via the online Apple Store is no longer an option.

The current Apple Watch lineup now includes the Series 7, Series SE, Series 3, Nike and Studio. Of those, the Series 3 is currently the cheapest Apple Watch you can buy. Prices for this smartwatch start at 219 euros. The prices of the new Series 7 are a lot higher. Ordering the Apple Watch Series 7 has been possible since yesterday. The new smartwatch will actually be available in stores later this month.

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