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Where can you vote? These apps show all polling stations

You can vote again on March 15, because the Provincial States and Water Board elections are then. With these apps you can check where you can vote.

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Provincial elections on March 15

The Provincial Council elections are coming up, on March 15 you can go to the polls again to elect the members of the Provincial Council. Most polling stations are open between 07:30 and 21:00 to cast your vote. In total, the Netherlands has no fewer than 9,053 polling stations on March 15, but it is of course useful if you know where a polling station is open in the area.

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Haven’t you checked where you’re going to vote yet? With these (web) apps you can easily check which polling station is most convenient for you to cast your vote on March 15. Be careful, because it is only possible to vote in the city where you live. So find a location in your own hometown, even if you are not at home for a day.

1. Search in the NS app where you can vote

The easiest way to check where you can vote is via the NS app. Polling stations will open at many stations in the Netherlands on March 15, so that you can easily cast your vote before or after your train journey. You can check at which station a polling station is open in the following way:

  1. Download the NS app in the App Store and open the app;
  2. Tap on ‘Departure times’ at the bottom of the screen;
  3. Enter the station where you want to vote;
  4. Go to ‘Amenities’;
  5. Check if the station has a polling station.

The polling stations are only added to the facilities in the NS app on election day. Would you like to check today whether there is a polling place at the station near you? Check out this NS page with an overview of all stations with a polling station. The NS app can be downloaded for free in the App Store here:


2. Check voting locations via the web app

Is there no station nearby where you can vote? Then it is useful to download the web application from now. The site contains an overview of all polling stations that are open in the Netherlands on March 15, including directions to the voting location.

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To check where a polling station is, first enter your address or place of residence. The website then automatically shows which polling station is closest to the entered location. For an accurate route description from your home to the voting location, it is therefore useful to enter your own address. Do you want to vote during your work break? Then enter the address of your work location.

If you install the web app now, you already have the app on your iPhone. That saves some searching, so that you can quickly cast your vote on March 15 at a location near you. View the website here.

voting elections

3. See where you can vote via the government’s web app

Are special facilities at the voting location important to you? Via the web app of the Dutch government you have the option to tick extra facilities such as visual and auditory aids and a disabled toilet. This way you can be sure that you have all the facilities you need at a voting location. Check the website of the Dutch government here and read here how to turn it into a web app.

After you have checked all facilities, it is possible to enter your place of residence in the search bar at the top of the map. The card will then automatically go to the place where you can cast your vote. Don’t see locations? Then it is useful to zoom out until you see an available location with the desired facilities on the map.

Also handy: in the selection menu you will find the option ‘Deviating’ under ‘Opening hours’. By checking this box, you will find polling stations that are open at other times than from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. Very useful if you want to vote earlier than 07:30, for example, the polling station at the railway station in Breda is open from 05:15.

elections voting web app

Also 15 March: the Water Board elections 2023

On March 15, you will not only vote for the Provincial Council elections, but also for the Water Board elections. In the water board elections, you vote for the general board of a water board. The general board determines the water board’s policy and monitors the day-to-day management.

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You cast your vote for the Provincial Elections at the same time as your vote for the Water Board Elections, so these voting locations are equal to each other. This way you do not have to look up two different polling stations, but you have submitted both your votes in one go.

Not sure yet which parties you want to vote for? Then use this voting guide to see which party suits you best for the Provincial Council elections and this voting guide for the Water Board elections.

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