When will the Apple Watch Ultra 2 appear? – we already know this

Last year, Apple introduced the advanced and extremely expensive Apple Watch Ultra. But when can we expect the Apple Watch Ultra 2? We already know this.

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Apple introduces most expensive Watch ever

Last year, Apple launched the Apple Watch Ultra, the best and most expensive Apple Watch ever. With its extra strong titanium casing, the watch is mainly intended for avid athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

With scuba diving and rock climbing features, it’s the most advanced Apple Watch we’ve seen yet. And at € 849, – there is also a hefty price tag.

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Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 9 this year. The watch gets better battery life and the new S9 chip. More and more is known about the Apple Watch Series 9, but it remains remarkably quiet around the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Can we expect a successor to the most expensive Apple Watch ever? And when would it appear?

Apple Watch Ultra 2 gets new color and chip

According to recent rumors, the Apple Watch Series 9 will get an S9 chip. This will reportedly be the first Apple Watch processor in years with improved specs. The chip of the Apple Watch has not had a major update since the Apple Watch Series 6. When Apple introduces the S9 chip, it is very likely that it will also be used in the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

In addition, it is quite possible that Apple will release a dark version of the Apple Watch Ultra. Now the watch is only available in one color, namely in a light titanium version. With the Apple Watch Ultra 2, a black titanium model may also be added to the collection. A big advantage of this is that the screen edges of the watch are less noticeable.

apple watch ultra

When will the Apple Watch Ultra 2 appear?

The first-generation Apple Watch Ultra was released last year. The chance is therefore small that we will see the successor to the Apple Watch Ultra this year. It is expected that Apple will only release a new generation of Apple Watch Ultra next year. It will then run on a new processor and possibly get even more sports functions.

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The Apple Watch Ultra 2 may not come this year, but the Apple Watch Series 9 will probably be announced. Are you curious about what we know so far about the new watch? Check out all the rumors so far about the Apple Watch Series 9 here. In addition, Apple is working on a major watchOS update. Check out everything we know about watchOS 10 here.

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