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When will iOS 16.4 be released? (iPhone News #11)

When will iOS 16.4 be released?  (iPhone News #11)

The release date of iOS 16.4, the yellow iPhone 14 and a battery test between the iPhone 14 and Samsung. This is the biggest Apple and iPhone news of the week.

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iOS 16.4 is coming soon

Apple is busy behind the scenes with a new iOS 16 update. Three test versions of iOS 16.4 have already been released, but the final release is still pending.

The fact that Apple has already released three betas says a lot about how far the company is with a new update. The more test versions Apple has had, the closer we are to a new iOS update. But when is it really time?

Well this is when…

How yellow is the yellow iPhone 14 in real life?

Yellow iPhone 14 photos

Last week, Apple suddenly came up with a surprise: the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus got a yellow jacket! The devices have been in stores since Tuesday 14 March.

However, a bright tan is not for everyone. Let alone a bold color like yellow – its hue can make a big difference. Do you still doubt whether this tone yellow suits you? Then you’ve come to the right place, because at iPhoned let’s take a closer look at the device. But how yellow is yellow?

That’s how yellow the iPhone 14 really is

Apple Watch proves: we (almost) all sleep too little

watchos 9 sleep

You probably already know it, but according to a study by Brigham and Woman’s Hospital (a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts), almost all of us sleep too little.

The hospital came to this conclusion after reviewing data from more than 42,000 Apple Watches. But how many hours of sleep is enough?

Do you also sleep too little? Or not?

Battery Test: iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

battery test iphone 14 pro max vs samsung galaxy s23

The battery life of any smartphone is definitely an important aspect. The capacity of the battery gives an indication, but is certainly no guarantee for higher performance. It just depends on how much energy your smartphone uses.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best battery life of all iPhones. But how good is the battery life compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? That’s what PhoneBuff figured out.

iPhone or Samsung? Which smartphone has the best battery?

This Wi-Fi trick will make your iPhone battery last longer

Wi-Fi commands turn off automatically

When you’re not at home, it’s always nice if your iPhone battery lasts as long as possible. But have you ever noticed that your battery percentage drops faster when you’re away from home?

This could be for several reasons, but sometimes it’s because your phone isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi network. When you have Wi-Fi enabled on your iPhone, your phone is constantly searching for a wireless network to connect to. Fortunately, there is a trick to automatically turn off WiFi on your iPhone when you are not at home.

Extend your iPhone battery life with this Wi-Fi trick

Comeback Touch ID on your iPhone is still a long time coming


Since Apple introduced a new biometric authentication for the iPhone with Face ID, many fans have been waiting for the return of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

According to the latest rumors, it will indeed return and the solution could be a technique that places the scanner under the display. Apple is now conducting further research into the technology surrounding the fingerprint sensor under the screen. But you still have to wait a while…

That’s how long you have to wait for a new one with Touch ID

The latest Apple and iPhone news:

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