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when will apple release the new iPhone update?

when will apple release the new iPhone update?

Apple has now released a number of test versions for iOS 16.4, but the final version is still missing. When will the update appear?

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Apple is working on new iOS version

It is now clear that Apple is busy behind the scenes with a new iOS 16 update. Three test versions of iOS 16.4 have already been released, but the final release of iOS 16.4 is still awaited. The previous iOS update, iOS 16.3, appeared in January and mainly brought new security features and bug fixes.

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In the new iOS update, a number of cool new features are coming to your iPhone. For example, after the update it is possible to receive notifications from Safari on your iPhone and a number of new emojis will be added to iOS. So we have been waiting for the update for a while and the previous iOS update was almost two months ago. When will the new iOS 16.4 update finally come out?

iOS 16.4 will be launched this month

The fact that Apple has already released three test versions – also known as betas – says a lot about how far the company has come with a new update. The test versions are intended for developers, so that they can get started with the new features right away. The more test versions Apple has released, the closer we are to a new iOS update.

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In comparison, last year Apple released iOS 15.4 after four test versions on March 14. It is therefore quite possible that Apple will release a final test version before the final release of iOS 16.4. However, it may also be that a fourth test version will not follow, especially since a large number of new features have already been added to iOS 16.4 in all test versions so far.

An interesting addition is that a Brazilian telephone company has announced that 5G will be available in March for iPhones that are suitable for it. 5G will not come to all iPhones in Brazil until iOS 16.4, so it is expected that the new update will indeed appear this month. So we can probably expect the new iOS version in a few weeks.

always-on 16.4

Here’s even more new in the upcoming iOS update

So new features are coming to your iPhone with the iOS 16.4 update. For example, the Homekit will finally receive an update, which should solve all problems surrounding the app. In addition, the Podcast app is getting a bit better and Apple is working on new automatic security updates. Are you curious how? Then read what’s new in the first beta of iOS 16.4.

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According to Apple, the new iOS update will be released in the spring, so that matches the rumors that the update will be launched in a few weeks. After all, the meteorological spring has already started and the astronomical spring is not long in coming. So just be patient, because iOS 16.4 will most likely appear soon.

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