When to expect HarmonyOS in older Huawei phones in the Czech Republic?

Just hours after the expected introduction of a new operating system from Huawei, speculation has resurfaced about which devices this environment will target. Of course, the majority of users are mainly interested availability of HarmonyOS in mobile phones, including those on the market in the Czech Republic. In this segment, the Chinese company is a little “gluing” the hole for unavailable Google services and applications and trying grab a piece of the mobile operating systems market for me. It must be said that according to the presentation very confidently. It is logical that the demonstration of functions attracted a large number of customers, however, the company is a bit slowing down some published information.

The lists of facilities that are supposed to receive this new system later this year apply only to China. “We need to clarify the information about upgrading older Huawei phones to HarmonyOS. Already mentioned Huawei phones in the Czech Republic (as elsewhere in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe) will not see updates to HarmonyOS this year. The list of devices taken over by some media only applies to the Chinese market, ”explain the representatives of the Chinese company in a press release. So if you have found out (and backwards) the availability of HarmonyOS in Huawei mobile phones in the Czech Republic, at least for this year, you must get a taste. At least officially.

In which Huawei mobile phone would you like to try the new system?

Source: TZ Huawei CR

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