“When it comes to Paris, we are hopelessly romantic”

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Jannine Berkelaar is editor-in-chief of Kek Mama. Together with her husband Erik, she has daughter Elin (10) and son Mats (8).

The only night in July that it rained last year was the very night we climbed the Eiffel Tower as a family. The drops hit us in the face, but it didn’t bother us. Paris is always a good idea. The children now also think so and not only because of the popular amusement park that is located there. That is not a fixed part of the French city trip for us.

The city of love

When I met Erik he lived in the city of love. The fondest memories of our early relationship were born in the beautiful French capital. Since then, Paris has held a special place in our hearts. I was asked to marry them (even in the rain, by the way), Elin’s full name is Elin Amélie, a photo of the Eiffel Tower hung in our bedroom for years and last Christmas holiday we built the same Lego tower together, only 10,001 pieces. Well, when it comes to Paris, we’re hopelessly romantic. The city knows how to surprise us time and time again.

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As I write this I realize that it is not only the city that touches our hearts. It is also sharing a passion. Something that makes us all happy and enjoys. The mutual love for this city makes our mutual bond stronger. Time to plan our next trip with Femke’s travel tips (read in Kek Mama 02-2023, now in the shop). And you understand, a visit to the amusement park of that well-known mouse should not be missed this time.

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