When is a child ready for one afternoon nap?

Child sleep coach Myrthe Stapper gives tips.

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Too fast

“Our experience is that many parents switch too quickly to one nap,” says Myrthe. “This often has to do with the sleep regression that occurs in many children around twelve months. In this phase there seems to be less need for sleep, so many parents see this as a signal that their child is ready for one nap.” Yet this often turns out not to be the case, the sleep coach knows. “And switching to one nap too soon can lead to new sleep problems.”

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Do you still feel that your child is ready for the switch? Then Myrthe has advice. “Always shorten the morning nap a little. The first time you skip the morning nap completely, you can start the afternoon nap a little earlier to prevent your child from lying in bed overtired. Our advice is also to keep your child in bed at this stage. don’t put to bed too late: 6:30 pm is often a good time. “

Myrthe Stapper is a certified child sleep coach and founder of slaaptipsvoorbabys.nl

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