WhatsApp with expiration date don’t disappear – here’s what’s going on

For about two years, WhatsApp has had a function to send messages that disappear automatically – a kind of expiration date for apps. Do you use that feature? Then read on, because due to changes at WhatsApp, it is possible that others will still save your messages.

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WhatsApp with expiration date

Do you find WhatsApp practical, but are you still afraid that parent company Meta stores too much of your data? Or do you ever send spicy messages that you only want to be visible for a while? Then you may use the function to have your messages automatically deleted.

You set this per conversation. Tap the name of your contact or the name of the group at the top and choose ‘Messages with due date’. Then you choose the ‘shelf life’ of your messages: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

Now, however, WhatsApp has built in another function, which may ensure that your apps are still saved. If you do not want this, then you should pay attention to the following.

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This way you prevent your messages from being saved

The new feature is called ‘Save in chat’. This allows the recipient of your message with an expiration date to request to save your app anyway. This is useful if, for example, you want to listen to a voice message more often, or if the app contains important information that you will need later.

Fortunately, the recipients can’t just save your disappearing messages, you will receive a request for that. You can allow that person to keep your message, or force the message to be deleted. So something to take into account, and not to accept everything that WhatsApp offers you haphazardly.

New feature coming soon

The new feature was already in previous beta versions of WhatsApp, but is now being launched on a large scale. According to the messaging service, ‘Save in chat’ is being rolled out gradually and will soon be available on your iPhone.

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