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WhatsApp voice message: listen before sending!

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world, because it is also the one that offers the most options and that operates many changes with each new version. Recently the app added the possibility of posting messages to oneself, of using one’s account on two devices at the same time or of launching polls on a group.

Voice message: it’s practical!

A little-known feature is to send a voice message: you record it and send it to the person or group. This is handy if you don’t feel like typing a long message or if your hands are full. The problem is that most users do not know that it is possible to listen to their message before sending it. This avoids sending a somewhat disjointed message, with stammering, lengths: in short, an unlistenable thing that will make your correspondent want to strangle you.

Let’s see how to avoid a homicide…

Listen to your voice recording before sending it

1/ Lock the recording

Head to the chat or group you want to leave a message about, but instead of tapping the mic button, slide the mic button up to lock the recording. Start talking.

whatsapp Voice

2/ Listen to your message then send or delete

Push the button Pause to stop recording when you’re done and play to hear what you said. You are free to send it with the right arrow or delete the message with the trash can icon. That’s all. You can start over as many times as you want. No need to delete a message that is a little too long or confusing from the conversation!

whatsapp Voice

3/ Voice messages on any mailbox

Did you know that it is possible to send voice messages in any mailbox, even those that do not offer this feature? Just record your message on the app Tape recorder Where Recorder and to do To share. You can then send it by e-mail or on any means of communication.

whatsapp Voice

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