WhatsApp should introduce these five innovations in 2021

Facebook Inc., the current owner of WhatsApp, did not please the user of this popular communicator with his last significant step. We mean the fact that personal data will be shared, which, according to statements from previous years, should never have happened. For platform fanswho will stay true to it, however, should have for 2021 WhatsApp developers interesting news. Let us recall those that have already been talked about and are not yet tightened or officially introduced.

Probable WhatsApp news for 2021

  1. Operation on multiple devices. This option has been talked about for quite some time and is probably the most anticipated feature of all. Currently, it is possible to have a fully running WhatsApp application on only one device. Running it on a PC, in turn, requires access via telephone. In the future, signing in to your account should work on more devices.
  2. Computer calls and video calls. This feature is also one of the most popular. Currently, your computer application or browser version only allows you to send messages. However, the extension is already being tested.
  3. Mute the uploaded video. Now that you send someone a video in a message, you don’t have the option to mute them. Which is useful in some cases, and Instagram, for example, handles it when publishing posts.
  4. “Read later” section. We can translate it as “read later” and it is a space where the user can store the content he wants to keep. Whether due to rush and lack of time, let him just not forget.
  5. Connect to ongoing calls. Not a big but pleasant change in the functionality of calls. Currently, you need to create a new connection if you forgot to invite someone to the beginning.

Which intended novelty interested you the most?

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