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WhatsApp receives support for stickers via Gboard


Good news for those who do not feel like downloading all sticker-packs for WhatsApp. The chat app has a function ready with which you can use stickers from other keyboard apps, including Gboard.

WhatsApp with Gboard stickers

For some time it is possible to send stickers via WhatsApp. There is one package standard available for stickers, the rest can be downloaded, for example from the Play Store or make yourself . It is even easier to send stickers through the chat app. There will be sticker integration from keyboard apps.


The first keyboard app that can handle stickers is Gboard, so Gboard allows you to search for a sticker and add it to WhatsApp.You can send stickers from the keyboard app via WhatsApp, but they will be converted to images. step the pictures are really sent as stickers.

The function is already present in WhatsApp, but has to be activated by Google in Gboard, possibly with the upcoming (beta) update. It is only possible to send stickers with Gboard, but it will also be possible to choose and send your stickers via SwiftKey.

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