WhatsApp polls will receive an enhancer

If you exchange long voices with your friends via WhatsApp, you will definitely enjoy the next enhancer. WhatsApp brings audio playback speed settings. You will no longer have to listen to a forwarded voice from a friend for 5 minutes if you can handle it at twice the speed in 2 and a half minutes. The report was brought by the Android Police portal.

Accelerated voicemails in WhatsApp

However, some WhatsApp users will argue that they already have this feature on their device. Yes, they have and since about May. However, now this feature also comes to forwarded voicemails from other platoons.

Currently, the ability to speed up voice messages is only available for messages that were created directly for the chat in which you listen to them. This feature is not available for forwarded messages. However, this will change and forwarded messages will support 1.5x and 2x the speed as regular voice messages. This feature was seen in the beta version of WhatsApp on the iPhone, it will of course also be available on Android.

WhatsApp tests accelerated voices | Source: AndroidPolice.com

As we know WhatsApp, it will take some time before this new option for voice messaging comes to a stable version. In addition, it would be nice if WhatsApp added the option to slow down the voice. After all, we all know people who talk fast.

WhatsApp also tests the ability to hide “Last Online” status for certain contacts, a new contact information page, and Community groups.

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