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WhatsApp on Windows now without using a smartphone

Your smartphone can be turned off completely and WhatsApp still works on Windows!

Finally, finally. You can be reached via WhatsApp if your phone is switched off. At least if you have a Windows computer with the new WhatsApp app installed. The latest version works independently and no longer requires a smartphone to function.

The feature has been in beta for a while, but now the general public can finally get started with the feature. Super nice, because if your smartphone is empty or not nearby, you can still app with friends, family, colleagues, companies or anyone else.

WhatsApp for Windows must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. It is the first time that you can app on a computer while a smartphone is offline. Don’t worry Mac users. WhatsApp has certainly not forgotten you. The American messaging service will also make this possible for Apple computers.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging service in the Netherlands. Although there are alternatives, such as a Telegram, WhatsApp is massively established in our society. The update with which it is now possible to use Whatsapp without a smartphone on Windows will therefore sound like music to the ears of many.

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