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WhatsApp lets you set a unique background for each chat: that’s how it works

WhatsApp lets you set a unique wallpaper per chat from today to make conversations even more personal. You can also search through stickers from now on. This is how you set a unique WhatsApp background for your chats.

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Set WhatsApp background per chat

It has been possible for a long time to choose a personal background for WhatsApp, but from now on you can set a wallpaper per chat conversation. The new feature works for both individual chats and group conversations.

  1. To update

    You can only set an individual WhatsApp wallpaper when you have the most recent version of the chat app installed. So download the latest version of WhatsApp before following the directions below;

  2. To start

    Open WhatsApp and tap the chat that you want to give a personal background. Then select the three dots at the top right and choose ‘Background’;

  3. Set wallpaper

    Choose ‘Change’ and choose from the types of backgrounds. If necessary, give WhatsApp permission to access your photos;

  4. Complete

    You should now have a personal WhatsApp background set for that chat. In the menu you can make this wallpaper even darker or lighter by sliding the bar.

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