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WhatsApp: how to shield the security of your account?

WhatsApp: how to shield the security of your account?

Strengthen your identity with 2-Step Verification

Two-step verification, or 2-Step Verification for English speakers, is an option available in the WhatsApp messaging features. It allows you to activate the possibility of protecting access to your account with a PIN code, required when connecting.

Of course, the two step verification on whatsapp is not an adamantium shield. All the same, for the user, this makes it possible to further limit the risks of access by malicious third parties to personal information as well as to conversations.

How to enable two-step verification on WhatsApp?

Now you probably want to know how to enable this feature? No problem, Android MT has prepared a little tutorial for you! To start the two-step verification, follow the guide:

  • From Settings on Whatsapp
  • Choose Account Then Two-step verification Next Enable
  • Enter the 6-digit PIN code, then validate it.
  • Indicate a recovery email address ; optional, this possibility is nevertheless an important safeguard
  • If you do not enter an email, be aware that if you forget the PIN code, you will have to wait 7 days to reset it!

It is of course possible to deactivate this option. Nothing very complicated, for that go back: from the Parameters, go to Account > Two-Step Verification > Deactivate.

Also note that you can add an email address or modify it, after activating the option. This is done from the Two-Step Verification menu, under the tab Add / Edit email address.

Once your two-step verification is activated on WhatsApp, keep in mind two additional security elements. First of all, never share your verification code with a third party. Received by SMS, it still allows you to connect to your account! Finally, don’t hesitate to limit access to your personal information (photos, status, etc.) from the application’s privacy settings.

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