WhatsApp gets new function and shows profile photo with notifications

WhatsApp will receive its first new function this year: from now on you will see the profile photo with the notifications. At this time, the feature is only available to beta testers.

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WhatsApp shows profile picture with notifications

When you get a message from your friends or family via WhatsApp, you now only see a message box on your iPhone. According to WABetaInfo, that will change. In the beta version of WhatsApp, the profile picture of the person who sent you the message now also appears.

This is already happening in various apps: for example, when you receive a notification from Twitter, you will already see the name and profile picture. By default, the notification appears at the top of the screen with ‘Strips’. Do you find this sort of thing annoying? Then you can of course always turn off the notifications in ‘Settings > Notifications’. Then tap the name of the app for which you want to adjust the notifications.

You will soon not only see your profile picture with notifications, because more changes are coming for WhatsApp. Another new feature allows group chat admins to merge single group chats into a single community. This allows administrators to send announcements to everyone from a single overview, among other things.

WhatsApp communities

It is also possible to create a new group conversation from within the community, or to link existing chats. According to WABetaInfo, a total of up to ten group conversations can be added to a community.

Via the new function it is also possible to send central messages, which everyone receives. Anyone who is added to a WhatsApp Community as a user will have direct access to all linked groups.

When can I start using the new features?

It is not clear when you will receive the profile picture with the notifications in WhatsApp. WABetaInfo indicates that the new additions are likely to appear in future updates. This new version is always tested first by beta users of the chat app. If everything works properly, the update will be passed on to all WhatsApp users. But there is always a chance that the new features will never appear in this form in the final version of WhatsApp.

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