WhatsApp comes with new terms and conditions: this is about to change

The WhatsApp terms and conditions have been updated. Users of the beloved chat app will now be presented with a screen in which they can accept the new privacy policy. What do you need to know about it?

New WhatsApp terms and conditions

You may have already seen the new window when opening WhatsApp saying that the terms and conditions and privacy policy have been updated. The most important change is that data can be processed in a different way. In addition, attention is paid to sharing WhatsApp user data with Facebook. Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp, they took over the service in 2014.

WhatsApp can collect a lot of information. This includes battery level, signal strength, app version, connection information, operating system information, mobile network, phone number, IP address, time, time zone, device, and lots of privacy information. Details such as group names, descriptions and photos are also collected. Times when you are online and when you use the service can also be collected by WhatsApp. Briefly; everything you do with WhatsApp can be logged and collected.

Sharing data

In the Netherlands, we do not have to be immediately afraid of sharing user data. A law has determined that this way of sharing data is not allowed in the European Union. This concerns the General Data Protection Regulation, which is abbreviated to GDPR and has been in force since 2018. It does not mean that Facebook cannot access your data in any way. Undoubtedly, further efforts are being made to find ways to comply with the regulations, while also collecting data. At least critics fear this, it is not yet known how this works. Due to the new conditions, users no longer have the option to share a location if you do not give WhatsApp access to location data.

WhatsApp conditions 2021


WhatsApp users currently only have the choice not to make a decision now for the new conditions. The new terms of service and privacy policy will take effect on February 8, 2021. On that day, you must have agreed to the new processing method. If you do not agree, you will no longer be able to use the application from that date. The conditions were also adjusted in 2016, when you could still uncheck certain options. This is no longer possible with these conditions.

In short, not much will change immediately for citizens of the European Union. We expect to see this only when Facebook finds an option to share data.

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