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WhatsApp: Caution – these messages kill the messenger ApkRig

WhatsApp is the greatest messenger ever. But be careful: special messages can permanently crash the service and, in the worst case, delete all your chats.

Spam messages, false reports or annoying chain letters from grandma: WhatsApp users are now familiar with all of this. But apart from the fact that you react with an annoyed eye roll, nothing usually happens. The situation is different with special messages that can immensely damage your app and your chats. So caution is required here.

WhatsApp: Message kills the service

As T-Online reports, strangers send special WhatsApp messages with many special characters. The recipient’s app then has a massive problem displaying this message. As a result, the program crashes.

However, that goes far beyond a youth prank. If WhatsApp is opened again after the crash, the app tries to display the message again and the cycle repeats itself. The only solution: remove the app and reinstall it.

That clears up the problem, but if you haven’t created a backup of your chats, they could be lost forever.

This is how you protect yourselves from it

Unfortunately, there is no real protection against such news bombs. WhatsApp tries to prevent such attacks through regular updates, but we advise you to back up your chats regularly and to keep the app up to date.

Nevertheless, there is hope for some of those affected: If you use WhatsApp in your browser or as a desktop app, you can read the malicious message there, delete it and put the sender directly on your block list. Because there the characters can be displayed safely. But that does not work afterwards, as the smartphone app has to be opened for authorization.

It is therefore advisable to authorize the WhatsApp desktop app before the problems described occur. There, chat processes and received media can also be saved more easily and quickly, so that even in the event of a news bomb you can only react by rolling your eyes annoyed.

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