WhatsApp calms the situation. He commented on sharing data with Facebook

WhatsApp tries to explain the aggravated situation that has arisen by changing the privacy policy. The whole situation arose because WhatsApp users do not like the possibility sharing their data with Facebook. WhatsApp, of course, denies sharing personal user data with Facebook. He claims that the change will not affect your privacy or the privacy of the messages you send through the application. The Facebook subsidiary continues to repeat that it will protect private messages end-to-end encryption. What’s the truth and what does WhatsApp promise to users?

In a recent post on Twitter and on the WhatsApp FAQ website, WhatsApp finally commented on the new situation and the concerns of users of the application. WhatsApp claims that neither he nor Facebook can see private messages or hear calls. A post on Twitter additionally says that WhatsApp doesn’t Facebook can’t see the locationthat you share with users. And it doesn’t store the data of the people who wrote or called you. WhatsApp promises not to share contacts with Facebook and WhatsApp favorites will remain private. Lastly, WhatsApp adds that everyone can download the data that WhatsApp about it, ie Facebook actually stores in the future.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp explains the change in privacy policy as sharing “only”profile name, profile photos, IP addresses, phone number with the associated contact list, and history from the application. However, Facebook will gain data from 2 billion people, which it intends to use to better target ads and, of course, support its earnings. In the coming weeks, we’ll find out if WhatsApp was serious about privacy and our personal data won’t end up on Facebook.

Should the application restrict access to personal data?

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