WhatsApp already works for a few lucky ones on multiple devices

The expected feature, which will undoubtedly facilitate the use of WhatsApp by a huge number of its users, is already partially available. This is the amount of startup of this communicator on multiple devices simultaneously, while, as before, it is not necessary to have, for example, an active application on the mobile phone to enable typing on a computer. A new variant has appeared to several users of the applicationwho are involved in beta testing and …no, they were lucky.

As described by the well-known server about the news about this WABetaInfo service, the function is run in a handful during testing. On Twitter, he mentions three conditions that are necessary for launch – be a beta tester, have the latest version downloaded, be lucky. The other testers should reportedly wait a few days after this first wave. Regular users will follow. The launch of the WhatsApp application on multiple devices was recently commented directly by Mark Zuckerberg, and the conditions in which the combination of devices can be used also appeared.

On which devices would you like to run WhatsApp at the same time?

Source: Twitter

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