‘What you should especially not do if you see that your child is getting fat’

On Scary Mommy she shares tips on what not to do if you see your child getting fatter.

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Do not put your child on a diet

Most importantly, don’t let your child diet. Never. And does the doctor tell him to do this? Then find a new doctor – I’m not kidding. Your child should never worry about calories, carbohydrates, the scales or his clothing size for a minute of childhood. What can you do? Tell your child about the function of his body. Explain how it can move, dance and grow. In short: let children discover their bodies without having to worry about what they look like. ‘

Don’t link ‘exercise’ to ‘weight loss’

‘If you don’t put your child on a diet, it doesn’t mean you can’t guide him carefully. Therefore, start early with decoupling movement from weight loss. Make your child love to move instead of seeing it as a means to change their body (and thus become accepted in society). Encourage your child to exercise in a way that makes them happy every day. ‘

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Don’t talk negatively about your own body

‘Do you think you should lose some pounds in yourself? Then keep this to yourself. By constantly pointing out your own ‘shortcomings’, you also hold up a mirror to your child. As a result, he will look at his body in the same way and he automatically forms a negative self-image. ‘

What can you do?

Tell your child early on (and often) that every body is special, beautiful, and acceptable. Because if you want him to have a healthy relationship with his body, you have to be positive about all types: fat, thin, fit, trans, disabled – everything. This may feel awkward at first, but it is a great step in helping your child grow into a confident individual. ‘

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