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What you have to watch out for in 2023

Heat pumps are the future in Germany – that’s what politics wants. People should get rid of fossil raw materials and rely on renewable energy. The fact that the infrastructure is not yet designed for this is not even the biggest problem. Rather, many households that switch to a heat pump face a financial catastrophe that can only be cushioned by massive additional expenditure.

Heat pump with financial risks

Anyone who is currently considering replacing a gas or oil heating system with a heat pump should think carefully about whether it makes financial sense at all in 2023. The prices for heat pumps and their installation have skyrocketed in recent years due to the increased interest. The subsidy of up to 40 percent is just enough to reach the old prices. So the state fills the pockets of the companies that install them.

I don’t mean that, he does The craftsman on his YouTube channelwho in his latest video about the Risks of heat pumps in old buildings explained. In particular, the sharp rise in electricity prices means that everyone has to calculate exactly whether a heat pump is worth it at all or whether one is not using one of the most expensive heating methods in the house. Even with an electricity price of 50 cents per kWh, gas heating in an old building can be cheaper. If electricity prices rise, a heat pump becomes significantly more expensive.

Huge solar system as a solution for heat pump electricity

The only solution for a heat pump in the old building seems to be a huge solar system on the roof and a storage tank. In addition to the already high investments for a heat pump and its installation, where quickly ends up at 30,000 euros, then there would be another 25 to 30 kilowatt peak solar system that would cost just as much money. The solar system must not be too small, since the heat pump primarily requires a lot of energy in winterto achieve the necessary flow temperatures so that an old building can be supplied with enough heat. Battery storage is then required for the transitional period in order to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency.

And even if you buy a powerful heat pump and a large solar system, Der Fachwerker only comes up with one Self-sufficiency value of less than 70 percent. More than 30 percent of the energy still has to be drawn from the grid. Then you are again at the mercy of market prices. Even more without solar panels.

You can watch the entire video here:

Heat pumps in new buildings are not a problem

What is a problem in old buildings, since very powerful heat pumps are required that eat up a lot of energy, is a much smaller challenge in new buildings. The good insulation ensures that heat pumps can work very efficiently and economically. Lower flow temperatures are required there and the energy costs are kept within limits. But since there are a lot of old buildings in Germany, you have to get very precise advice as to whether a heat pump makes sense in the current, very uncertain time of electricity prices. In this way, heat pump owners should be relieved of the electricity price. So the times are a bit unclear at the moment.

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