What you can do to make the doorbell ring again around Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, and Christmas is not too far off either. The delivery quantities at DHL and Co. will increase significantly again. But what do you do when the DHL courier no longer rings? This is exactly what is already the case with many customers.

DHL revises delivery: That’s why messengers no longer ring the bell

DHL has adjusted the delivery conditions for parcels. For the recipient, this means: The DHL courier comes and delivers the shipment. But he or she often no longer rings – a change for many Germans who have been used to it differently for years and decades. DHL is aware of this and offers to adjust the delivery options.

The delivery procedure is official effective from July 12th. If you have specified a storage location for your parcel at DHL, the parcel carrier will no longer ring the bell as before. Instead, you use the specified storage location directly – at least if you as the recipient do not intervene. DHL has provided several routes for this.

In order for the bell to ring, customers have to take action themselves

If you still want parcel delivery men to ring your doorbell, the obvious option is: do not specify a storage location. Have you already done that, but you can use the DHL customer account Activate the “Ring request” option. Then everything stays the same. You can access your account online via the DHL website or via the Post & DHL app. In addition, you can also fill out a form in the classic way and communicate your bell request (source: DHL).

Are you not only a recipient, but do you also occasionally send parcels via DHL yourself? in the Video you will find helpful tips:

So it is becoming the rule for many citizens, the Rarely seen parcel carriers, even if you are actually at home a lot in the home office. For a long time now, it has often been up to the deliverer to decide whether or not to try to hand over parcels in person.

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