What will happen to Super RTL?

According to the name, one would think that Super RTL and RTL have long belonged together. That’s true to a certain extent, but only to a certain extent. Half of the children’s channel is owned by the Disney Group and that is about to change. GIGA explains what this means for the future of the canal.

Super RTL without Disney: These are RTL’s plans

Even if the name Super RTL actually suggests that this is a product from RTL, the ownership structure has been a bit more complicated so far. 50 percent of the children’s channels belong to the Walt Disney Companywhich is not much of a surprise given the broadcaster’s programming. But now you want to separate from Super RTL.

The long-standing co-partner is the new owner RTL Germany. The complete takeover of Super RTL still requires one Approval by the Federal Cartel Office as well as the Austrian federal competition authority. The change of ownership has already been registered with the responsible media authorities. The largest takeover on the German television market since 2000 is expected to be completed in the next few months.

Bernd Reichart, CEO of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, is looking forward to the closer cooperation: “With the high TV and digital expertise of Super RTL and its agile company organization, we will jointly make our digital agenda even more efficient and faster in the future.”

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What will become of Super RTL without Disney?

While the takeover is certainly part of the strategy of “RTL United“Fits, the question remains how it works Super RTL without Disney goes on. Disney itself owns a promising streaming service with Disney +, in which the linear television from Super RTL can be dispensed with more and more.

It also remains unclear whether the name Super RTL will be retained. So far, RTL has not been able to rename it itself, but the company has never been happy with the name in-house either. Maybe Super RTL will soon become RTL Kids or RTL Toggohow the portal DWDL speculated.

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