What we can expect from Apple apart from iOS 15

Apple invites you to a keynote on the occasion of the in-house developer fair (WWDC 2021), but what will the manufacturer from California present us? A look at the next iPhone system (iOS 15) is considered safe, but what else could Apple surprise us with? We summarize the current state of affairs.

Also this year the WWDC instead of purely virtual in front of the screen again, even if the corona pandemic is subsiding in the USA and in this country, it is still ubiquitous. For “normal people” the conference has always been purely virtual, after all, Apple’s WWDC focuses on the developers, not necessarily the normal customer. Accordingly, the keynote was only ever allowed to be followed live in front of the computer or TV, and this will also be the case in 2021.

Curious contemporaries naturally ask themselves: What to see This article aims to provide the answers. However, we do not give a guarantee, Apple’s secrecy is known to be legendary and the predictions do not always have to come true. Sometimes Apple even surprises with products that nobody would have expected.

Apple’s WWDC 2021: Premiere for iOS 15 and Co.

To be considered safe however Preliminary versions of iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, macOS 12 and tvOS 15 – every known Apple operating system gets an update. Initially, only the developers will have access to it, however, a few weeks later Apple will publish the so-called “Public Betas”, users who are keen to experiment can then try out the latest features, but at their own risk. In autumn it will be official and the updates will be made available for everyone.

Comes with watchOS 8 – the contactless one Gesture control of the Apple Watch. How that works is in the video to see:

It becomes less secure with regard to new features of the systems. But 2021 is an exception, as early as May Apple revealed surprisingly special features for disabled people. In all likelihood, they will premiere in iOS 15 on the iPhone and watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch. Mention should be made here of the rather innovative and Contactless operation of the smartwatch using hand gestures and Apple’s more recent Noise Abatement Measures on iPhone. Thanks to various natural sounds, a sound carpet is provided that ensures concentration and peace.

Beyond that, it is not very precise Speculation, for example Notifications can be designed more individually and also improvements in Apple’s News app are expected. It will be a little more specific with regard to iPadOS 15. This is how it should be iPads get a redesigned homescreen. Finally possible: Freely placeable widgets is currently only available on the iPhone. In this way, Apple would meet one of the most common requests made by users.

Wishes and demands there are quite a few on iOS 15:

With regard macOS 12 Finally, a rumor caused a lot of unrest, because the coming one Update could be a whole range of Macs no longer take into account. If this is the case, even a relatively young MacBook Air from 2017 could no longer use the upcoming system update. Speaking of which: The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the first iPhone SE will probably have to do without iOS 15.

MacBook Pro 2021 could be presented

Then it gets exciting with the hardware. Apple experts expect one Introducing the new MacBook Pro 2021. Apple’s notebook for professionals is expected in two sizes – 14 and 16 inches, each with mini LEDs. The computers are to be fired with Apple’s successor to the M1. The as M1X or even as M2 The ghostly chip will have 10 computing cores and either 16 or even 32 graphics cores and will address 64 GB of RAM for the first time. The current limit of 16 GB on the M1 would finally fall.

Like the new one MacBook Pro design could look reveals this Photo gallery:

You have to do without the touch bar, Apple wants to delete the small OLED touch bar. But Touch ID will be retained, but users will be happy about the return of MagSafe, HDMI and an SD card reader – back to the roots, if you will. Important to know: Even if Apple may already be showing the new MacBooks, to buy one becomes them possibly much later in the year can. It wouldn’t be the first time Apple made our mouth watering at WWDC, but it wouldn’t be delivering until Christmas.

More hardware ideas are not excluded, but highly speculative. These include, for example, the AirPods 3 or a new iMac Pro with 32-inch display and a redesigned Mac mini, each based on Apple’s new generation of processors, which the manufacturer will present to us in the new MacBook Pro.

Again as a reminder: The Keynote on WWDC 2021 starts on Monday, June 7th, 2021 at 7 p.m. sharp our time. As usual, Apple offers a live stream. You can watch it directly on the Apple website or on YouTube and within the TV app on the individual Apple devices.

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