What tests have the last Samsung rifles passed?

How does a manufacturer actually find out that a flexible phone can handle a certain number of folds? How to find out what temperatures do to them? And how specifically did Samsung verify that its latest flexible pieces, the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3, are really waterproof? Until someone serves us concrete sample from production and the process of output control, you can only guess the answers to such questions. Fortunately, companies take care of themselves the most interesting tests the curious saw. Which is an example of the latest video of the Korean giant.

Behind the Scenes of How Samsung Tests the Galaxy Z Fold3 | Flip3 5G

Four different endurance and quality tests can be seen in the more than a minute clip. First, we have the opportunity to see (and also hear) how the latest flexible Galaxy mobiles react to normal activities during normal activities various temperature and humidity fluctuations. Then it’s time watertightness test, which is done by simply filling the liquid into a container with an open mobile phone (we have already written about this feature of the new flexible Samsung mobile phones in more detail before). In the third captured test, it is verified on thin lines accuracy drawing with pen S Pen and the final part belongs to opening and closing the whole mobile phone.

Which flexible Samsung mobile phone have you already had in your hand?

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