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Each year, The Game Awards ceremony not only presents the awards to the winners, but has traditionally become a grateful opportunity to unveil new trailers and announce complete news. This year, the show falls on the night of December 10-11, our time, and as every year, we plan to bring you the event with a Czech commentary. But because new news emerges every day from what we can expect at the TGA for news, we have decided, as in previous years, to recap what is likely to await us at the event. And what we would like it to show during the evening, even though no one has promised it to us yet, but there is speculation about it.

Dragon Age 4 will definitely show up on TGA

At The Game Awards this year, we will definitely see something new to continue the Dragon Age saga. EA and BioWare have already confirmed this in an official press release on Dragon Age Day. On this occasion, the developers also published four new short stories, which you can read on the official website, even in Czech. Subsequently, Geoff Keighley on his Twitter he wrotethat we will see during the TGA look at the new Dragon Age. It is certainly no coincidence that the first teaser was formally confirmed and unveiled at this event in 2018 Dragon Age 4.

Since then, we’ve been playing the game repeatedly on the Vortex, but we’ve only seen a few important pieces of information and small snippets from the game. But this will probably be the first really more thorough acquaintance with the novelty, its story and form. Or at least we hope so. Paradoxically, important news comes after Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah announced that they are leaving the BioWare studio after 20 years.

During The Game Awards he should too show content of the new season for the hit Fall Guys with a winter theme. We should also look forward to more information about Hood: Outlaws & Legends. We will allegedly see the announcement of some news in the Game Pass. And we can look forward to performance new maps for the game Among Us.

We know for sure that a number of personalities will appear at the event – Troy Baker, Brie Larson or Gal Gadot. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder could perform the song Future Days, which was heard in The Last of Us Part II, or at least it’s generally assumed. Actor Tom Holland, who you may know from Hollywood Spider-Man, recently completed the film Uncharted, and many fans believe that “Nathan Drake” could reveal the first teaser at the event.

But fans don’t just look at titles that we know for sure will appear on the show. Perhaps even more curiosity is aroused by games, which are only speculated about. The most common talk in this context is the survival horror film Silent Hill, whose soft reboot is to be created in Japan Studio exclusively for PlayStation 5. This week, however, we were surprised to learn that the original author of Silent Hill or Siren Keiičiro Toyama left the studio and founded new Bokeh team. Although this does not completely rule out that the project exists and worked on it, it would not be a good signal if his “father” left it before the official announcement.

The Elden Ring from FromSoftware is often used in connection with TGA. The last batch of speculation claims that the game is almost finished and should appear at the event. They suggested it, for example, Lance McDonald or Imran Khan from Kindy Funny. But lately, it has claimed more credible sources.

Console manufacturers will want to show off something

Despite various conflicting indications, it does not seem that Halo Infinite will appear at the event. But both Microsoft and Sony will definitely want to show some exclusive draws for 2021. We should not forget about Nintendo, which has announced news on TGA in the past. We could finally learn more about the sequel to the Bayonetta or Metroid Prime series.

Geoff Keighley thanked all the developers on Twitter on their Twitter who are finishing their trailers and demos for the ceremony.

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