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What power for external battery?

Smartphones, tablets and other portable technological gadgets are becoming essential in everyday life for many people. Their use limited to the duration of their battery life is over nowadays. External battery or backup battery or power bank is the solution. Indeed, it is an equipment allowing an extension of the time of use of all your high-tech gadgets. It charges smartphones, tablets, cameras, reading lights and Bluetooth speakers with more convenience. However, a primary selection criterion remains its power.

Understanding what power is in an external battery

When we talk about battery, internal or external, you will always find the mAh capacity measurement. More concretely, it is the measurement of the battery power. This means that it also designates the autonomy that it can offer to a particular device. To be clearer, this is the power that an external battery is able to deliver to a device. For example, a 2000 mAh external battery delivers 2 amps in one hour. It thus restores the energy essential to a device, such as a smartphone or tablet or even a laptop PC, so that it can benefit from more additional autonomy. The choice of this type of equipment will depend, above all, on the use you would like to make of it. There is indeed a wide choice of power bank or backup battery that will be able to stand out according to their size, capacity and power.

External battery: models of different powers

Are you trying to decide which power bank is right for you? Before settling on a precise choice, it is useful to understand that with this type of equipment, power is also the input and output power. If the input power refers to that which the equipment needs to recharge and which turns out to be a fixed power of 5V / 1A, this is not the case for the output power. Indeed, this last reference turns out to be much more important. It will be this output power that will deliver the energy devices they need to be charged. Thus, an output power of 5V / 1A could perfectly suit an external battery to charge smartphones. While for a touch pad, a model with a power of 5V / 2A will be essential. External batteries with fast charging technology, whose main role is to quickly fill the smartphone or any other mobile device with energy, undoubtedly end up with more power.

What power for external battery tips

External battery power: depending on size and capacity

Once again, choosing an external battery is like opting for a model whose power must correspond to its needs. However, you should also know that the size and capacity of a battery will also depend on its power. The larger it is, then it can be more powerful and offer a greater capacity. If you only need a backup battery for your smartphones and touchscreen tablets, a model capable of slipping into a pocket and with a capacity of less than 6000 mAh will be more than enough for you. The internal battery of a smartphone has a capacity of no more than 3000 mAh, while for a touchscreen tablet it is generally between 2500 to 8000 mAh. In the event that you need a more powerful power bank to charge more than one device at a time, models over 20,000mAh to 50,000mAh even charge laptops.

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