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What is the darknet and know what you risk by going there

-What is the darknet

The darknet is a portion of the Internet not indexed by conventional search engines and which is therefore inaccessible via traditional web browsers. It is an anonymous network that allows its users communicate, share and sell information confidentially.

The darknet is mainly used for illegal trade, cybercrime and drug trafficking, among others. It also offers complete anonymity to users through technologies such as TOR (The Onion Router), which encrypts communications and hides the IP address of users. darknet websites are generally accessible via hidden links or by invitation only. These sites can be hosted on dedicated servers or on the public cloud, which makes their identification very difficult.

The darknet has been the subject of growing controversy as it makes it easy for criminals to exploit modern technologies to accomplish their malicious goals without fear of government or police surveillance. Nevertheless, it can also provide protection for people who seek to protect their privacy and escape the censorship imposed by certain political authorities.

-How to go on the darknet

The darknet is a parallel computer network that offers greater security and privacy for users. To access the darknet, you need to install special software called “Tor Browser”. Once you have installed this browser, you can then start to search for websites on the darknet.

You can find links to darknet websites on different search engines specific to this environment. You may also need to use additional tools such as VPN services or proxy servers to hide your IP address and ensure your anonymity when browsing the darknet.

Once you have found the website you want to visit, just click on the corresponding link to access itr. Darknet sites are usually encrypted and cannot be accessed through a normal browser, which means they do not appear in traditional search results.

In summary, to go to the Darknet, one needs to install special software called “Tor Browser”, then search for links to darknet websites on different search engines specific to this environment and possibly use additional tools such as VPN services or proxy servers to ensure your anonymity while browsing the darknet. Once you have found the desired website, simply click on the corresponding link to access it.

-Surface web, deep web, dark web: what you need to know

The web is a spider’s web made up of three main parts: the surface web, the deep web and the dark web.

The web surface is the part of the web that we see when we browse the internet. These are sites accessible to all, which are referenced by search engines. These are the sites that appear when we type a query into Google or Bing.

The deep web, also called invisible web or hidden web, is what hides behind search engine results. These are non-indexed pages and for which you must have a password to access it.

Finally, the darknet or darkweb includes everything that is illegal on the internet: illicit trade (drugs, weapons, etc.), pornographic content, etc. This part of the web can only be accessed with specific browsers. like Tor Browser and The Onion Router (Tor)

– Is the dark web only for criminals?

The Dark Web is often presented as a place reserved for criminals and other malicious individuals. However, this is not entirely accurate. Although it can be used by people with bad intentions, the Dark Web can also be exploited for legitimate activities. It has been proven that journalists can use the dark web to publish important information without fear of censorship or government surveillance. Political activists can also find refuge on the dark web to communicate safely and campaign nonviolently against oppressive regimes. Additionally, there is an active community on the dark web that shares information and interacts with each other, allowing users to access a variety of content and services. where other means would not be possible. Therefore, although some criminals may use the dark web for illicit purposes, this is not exclusively the case. and there are plenty of legitimate uses of the dark web that aren’t linked to criminals.

-The darknet, go there or abstain?

The Darknet is an anonymous computer network that offers illegal services and content. It is a kind of hidden web where Internet users can navigate without being monitored. We find there criminal activities, prohibited goods and sensitive information. While the darknet offers some freedom to users, it can also be dangerous: hacking, fraud and even terrorism are common on this type of network. The question therefore arises: should we go on the darknet or abstain?

The decision is up to everyone. There is no right or wrong answer because it all depends on your goals and the risk you are willing to take. If you just want to explore what’s going on in the darknet to satisfy your curiosity, then it’s safe to go there if you take the necessary precautions. However, if you are looking for something that could potentially lead to serious legal consequences, it is better to abstain because the risk would be too great.

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