What is a Wi-Fi mesh and how can it improve the signal?

Most of us know the problems with the falling internet all too well. Especially in larger houses or flats, this is an everyday affliction. However, you can greatly improve the Wi-Fi signal with Mesh.

Ways to expand Wi-Fi

You can use a so-called repeater to extend the Wi-Fi signal. This is an older method that forwards the signal from the main router on the same band. However, the repeater may have a problem getting the signal through thicker walls and its quality decreases in remote parts of the home.

A similar but slightly newer signal enhancement tool is the extender. Unlike a repeater, however, it uses more bands. It provides a better signal, but this method also has its pitfalls. As the distance increases, the chance of outages increases.

You can help by connecting a secondary router to create a Network extender. However, it is also limited to a certain area. The best way to extend Wi-Fi is through the Mesh system.

Tip: A quality router will provide you with better coverage. We recommend it for higher speed and lower response Internet at home. Do not limit yourself and choose the variant that meets your needs.


What is a Wi-Fi mesh?

The Mesh system is one of the newer systems that allows a large area to be covered by a single Wi-Fi network. It works on the principle of connecting several routers that communicate with each other. You can also connect to any of them via cable. However, the biggest advantage of this system is the provision of complete coverage of larger areas with a strong signal.

Advantages of the Mesh system

In addition to households, companies will also appreciate this improvement in the wireless network. If one of the points fails, the other units continue to function normally. The device automatically selects the best signal propagation method. Thanks to this, you have a strong signal even further from the main router. It is of such high quality that it can even completely replace a cable connection.


What to watch out for

Mesh systems are not compatible with each other. Therefore, if you have devices from several manufacturers (such as TP-Link and D-Link), they will not be able to communicate with each other. Choose one manufacturer and create a Mesh system that will consist exclusively of its equipment.

If you connect USB devices to the router, you will no longer be able to do this with Wi-Fi mesh. It can’t even handle a printer or other hardware. It does not support other software either. You will have to make do with it from the manufacturer.

Will the Mesh system pay off for you?

If you live in a big house, you should at least consider this system. It is also suitable for those who have a problem with outages or a lower signal and it limits them.

Wi-Fi mesh is an effective signal quality solution, the only disadvantage of which is the higher price. However, after its simple installation, you will no longer have to suffer from accidental network outages. It will provide you with maximum coverage even on large areas with many obstacles.

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