what does this mean for your debit card and Apple Pay

All debit cards with Maestro will slowly disappear from 1 July. What does this mean for your debit card and Apple Pay?

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End of Maestro near – what now?

From July 1, 2023, Mastercard and Visa in the Netherlands will stop issuing debit cards of the Maestro and V PAY brand. Most bank cards in the Netherlands bear the Maestro mark. This is a direct debit card from Mastercard. V Pay is Visa’s direct debit card, but you see it less often in the Netherlands.

The disappearance of Maestro and V Pay has a major advantage. As a consumer, you will soon be able to make (online) purchases worldwide with your ‘new’ debit card: the Mastercard and Visa debit cards. The Maestro and V Pay on your debit card were limited to Europe, but that will change with the introduction of the new systems.

For example, you can currently use your Dutch debit card in the United States to withdraw money from an ATM. But it was not possible to pay with your debit card in shops. You needed a separate credit card for that (or old-fashioned cash). You will soon be able to use these new debit cards worldwide in shops (and online). Easy right?

Set up Apple Pay

You will soon receive a kind of debit card that will replace your debit card. But rest assured: all payment cards from Maestro and V Pay will remain valid until their validity date on the card.

What’s happening with Apple Pay

Not much will change in the use of Apple Pay. After all, Apple Pay already has support for credit cards. Of course you have to add the new card manually first.

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You can then use the new debit card (without Maestro or V Pay) as usual. Of course, this applies to Apple Pay on your iPhone as well as your Apple Watch or other Apple devices.

Want to know more about Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a way developed by Apple to make contactless payments with your iPhone or Apple Watch. The payment service has been available in the Netherlands since 2019. Do you want to know more about this payment service? Then read the article below!

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