What belongs in the Apple cell phone of the future?

There are many wishes and demands on a future iPhone, but in the end it usually leads to disillusionment. But now we don’t take Apple into consideration and build a #dreamiPhone ourselves – even if only in the computer. However, you have to tell us beforehand what goes into it.

Let us leave the ground of dreary reality for a moment and pretend we can do ours regardless of immediate feasibility #DreamiPhone build by yourself. What would you wish for, what should Apple absolutely build in?

We are looking for the #dream iPhone: What belongs in the Apple cell phone?

We’re sure you can think of something. Everyone has already imagined what it would be like to hold the optimal iPhone of our dreams in hand. Because even if the new models from Apple delight us again and again in autumn, a short time later in winter we are missing one or the other feature from the competition. As the saying goes: the cherries in your neighbour’s garden always taste a little sweeter.

But now we’re going to get the cherries over and ask you directly: What do you really want in the Apple cell phone?

So that the choice of possible functions Something is easier, we have some of them are already listed in the following survey. You can choose one or more of them. How about, for example, an extremely fluid 120 Hz display or a fingerprint sensor and a camera on the screen? You can have everything. But what if your whole own suggestions and ideas owns. We really want to know them from you, that’s why we have one matching text field, in which you can write your wishes directly.

We build the iPhone of dreams

And why do we even do that? On the one hand, we are condemned as an editorial team curious and on the other hand we want this #Dream iPhone actually “build”, at least virtually in the computer as great concept for a better iPhone future. The result can then be admired in a few weeks.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation in the survey – stay tuned, we’ll get back to you soon.

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