What are the pros and cons of the Flyer Gotour6 3.40 500 Wh 2023?

More and more people are thinking of exchanging their normal bicycle for an e-bike. An e-bike makes it easier to get on a bike. In addition, it is of course still a sustainable way of traveling. In this article we highlight one of the best e-bikes of the moment: the Flyer Gotour6 3.40 500 Wh 2023. Read more about the Swiss brand Flyer and the pros and cons of the Gotour 5 3.40 500 Wh 2023 in this article.

More about the bicycle brand Flyer

The Swiss brand Flyer was founded in the early 1990s and has already contributed a lot to the evolution of the electric bicycle. Flyer has therefore become a leading name in the industry. Legend has it that the founder’s first-ever Flyer bike was built to tackle some hills back home because his wife was a great cook and he didn’t want to miss it. Flyer’s bicycles are of absolute top quality, have the latest technology and also look neat and fashionable.

Thanks to the penchant for producing e-bikes, Flyer can still guarantee its quality and the bikes are always praised for this. Are you curious about the range of electric bicycles from this brand?

General info about the Flyer Gotour6 3.40 500 Wh 2023

Gotour 6 3.40 from Flyer is the ideal e-bike if you use your bike for (recreational) touring. Characteristics are the high level of comfort and the sleek design. In addition, the Gotour is ergonomic, which means that the bike is a perfect combination between sportiness and comfort. It is therefore not for nothing that the Gotour6 was tested as the best by the Consumers’ Association in 2022 for the third year in a row with an 8.5.

The Consumers’ Association praised the Gotour6 for its wide range of an average of 60 to a maximum of 120 kilometers, the good motor support from the reliable Bosch Active brand, the beautiful display with simple operation, the comfort thanks to the wide tires, the suspension seat post, the front suspension and the good quality of driving.

You can read the most important features of the Flyer Goutour6 3.40 500 Wh 2023:

Type of ride Recreational use
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Engine location Middle
Engine technique Bosch Active
Power engine 50 Nm
Number of gears 5
Type of gears Shimano Nexus 5 Speed
Number of pedal supports 4

What are the advantages of this model?

The Flyer Gotour6 has one of the better ride qualities. The quality of the bike is also above most e-bikes. The battery pack with a capacity of 500 Wh is cleverly concealed and easy to remove from the bike. The 50 Nm battery of Bosch Active Line Plus that the Flyer Gotour 6 has is one of the better and reliable batteries available for e-bikes. Thanks to the suspension fork, seat post, and wider tires, the bike is also very comfortable. You can also take longer bike rides with ease and pleasure. Thanks to the hydraulic brake discs, the bike comes to a stop very quickly, without you experiencing any shocks.

In summary, the advantages of this model are:

+ The high quality
+ Smartly worked battery
+ Large battery capacity
+ Comfortable on the road thanks to, among other things, the suspension fork and seat post
+ Being able to brake in time with the hydraulic brake discs

And what downsides does this Flyer e-bike have?

Every bike has flaws, we have to be honest. The downside of Flyer’s Gotour6 is the price. With a purchase value of 3,079 euros, this is a lot higher than the price of the average e-bike. However, this naturally also stems from the great quality of the bike. We would therefore say that the price-quality ratio is not inferior to other e-bikes, and would certainly recommend this bike if your budget allows it.

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