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So far, the three-part logic series We Were Here from the Total Mayhem Games studio represents ideal entertainment for a pandemic era, as it allows you to play in online cooperation, and you can solve puzzles with a partner remotely, in the comfort of each of your homes. The newly announced fourth part of We Were Here Forever wants to cut a small piece out of your comfort, but still scare you a little for a change.

The principle of playing will still be very similar. You don’t see the other player and with the help of the radio you always have to describe to him what you see, because each of you has only one half of the puzzle in front of you. And you are only able to solve this together, through a detailed description.

In We Were Here Forever you will head to Antarctica again, but you will see hitherto unseen parts of Castle Rock, including the cemetery. Because, as the creators say, you may have escaped three times already, but can you escape it forever? However, you do not have to play the previous parts and the puzzles will of course be completely new, although sometimes on familiar principles.

We Were Here Forever is due out later this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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