We tried to lose the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. He was very much against it

One simple question to begin with: How often do you look for keys? If you find them often and in the end, you are among the lucky ones. But when they are gone forever, it is a very great inconvenience and worry. It is similar with a wallet full of documents or a backpack. Not to mention a mobile phone. Thanks to modern technologies, all the mentioned valuables can be put together comfortable not only to guard but also to look. Among other things, Samsung is making efforts in this area with its SmartThings Find service, which manages to search for various devices of this Korean brand in the form of a mobile application. This year, the company introduced a product that is tailor-made for this purpose. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag localization pendant. Wondering what he can do?

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag packaging and design

This little helper has a very simple and discreet shape. When you hang it on keys, a backpack or a pet on a collar, it should not attract much attention. Although he has button, speaker and can be opened for the battery and open, SmartTag has the form of a simple flat square with rounded corners and a hole for possible hanging. If you’ve ever seen locator tags, you won’t be surprised. Samsung bet on black and white. The packaging is as primitive as the shape. An ordinary paper box contains only the device itself and basic instructions.

Compatibility, connectivity and applications

Apart from the fact that the pendant manages to beep after pressing a button, you will not get anything else from it without the appropriate application. He is supported by software SmartThings tool, which is a Samsung application for managing and controlling smart devices. Such a slightly more closed Google Home. Part of this app is also the Find function, which has the task of finding lost Galaxy products. The current SmartTag relies on Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) connectivity, however, in the future we will see a newer version with UWB, which should be more effective in several respects.

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