We tried the streaming platform Google Stadium »Vortex

As we informed you in the morning, the Google Stadium streaming service has launched in eight new countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So we can finally connect all the important news directly to the possibilities of local players and specifically inform you about how the Stadium works. And while in the morning we basically had only general information for you, now you can see the first impressions of the use and, by the way, of playing the individual titles that Stadia offers. We remind you that, as for example on the console, you must purchase your own versions of individual games within the Stadium, which cannot then be run on any other platform. You also have the option of paying a Stadia Pro subscription for 259 crowns a month, or try it for free for one month, and thus open a growing library of older titles on which the functionality can be fully tested.

As for our own gaming, due to various limitations, we have only been able to get to know the Stage on a PC so far, but it must be admitted that usability is probably better than the recently tested xCloud, even thanks to a better server infrastructure, even though it ran only via the mobile application. However, advantages such as instant access to games and fast loading still do not completely overcome the disadvantages of still visible driver latency, even if you hardly recognize it in some titles, image degradation and the inability to set graphic details as in PC versions. More in our video.

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