We tested cheap Shelly Vintage smart bulbs

In September 2020, we tested the Shelly Duo bulb for you. It was our first experience with smart products from this Bulgarian company and we must say that we were pleasantly surprised, except for a few details. So some time ago we decided to try other Shelly products, including Shelly Vintage light bulbs. We took a smaller and a larger variant and so we will talk about them and possibly try to answer the question of whether these light bulbs are worthwhile or not.

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Package contents Shelly Vintage

As with the Shelly Duo, the packaging is by no means rich. But it’s no wonder and we really don’t even know what to expect from a smart light bulb. Maybe maybe printed manual, but that’s just a trifle. So it’s in the box only the bulb itself, on the left side then information about what you can do with it. The emphasis is on the Shelly Cloud application, connection via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, luminosity 260 lumens, remote control, OTA firmware updates, cloud services and SSL connectivity. On the right side there are parameters, which we will talk about in the next paragraphs. It will also please QR code for fast download of Shelly Cloud application.

Shelly Vintage design and appearance

Let’s imagine both light bulbs under the label, so you know what to look for. The smaller bulb has a name Shelly Vintage ST64 7W, bigger Shelly Vintage G125 4W. Both light bulbs seem to be several decades old, but judging by the name, this is an intention. In fact, they are extra of course LEDs. So if you have a stylish lamp, light bulbs can look really good. We basically have nothing to complain about, but we won’t forgive ourselves. Probably on a smaller light bulb at the socket the glue has leaked or the glass is damaged from production, we can’t judge. We hope that this is a unique matter, because until then we did not have the slightest problem with the products.

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